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Profile of a Graduate


Who AISA Graduates Are

An AISA graduate possesses unique qualities and characteristics that makes the individual stand out in excellence. With a keen sense of understanding, an AISA graduate is equipped to navigate and solve all sorts of problems that may arise at any given time.

An AISA Graduate:

  • Is passionate and self-motivated in pursuing their individual personal and academic interests. 
  • Models integrity and respects the local and global community, its people, and the environment.
  • Exhibits strong social, communication, and leadership skills. 
  • Seeks, builds, and maintains personal and professional networks.
  • Is creative and resourceful in finding opportunities for enrichment.
  • Demonstrates open-mindedness.
  • Takes responsibility for their actions and stands up for their beliefs. 
  • Uses technology to enhance their learning.
  • Communicates in more than one language. 

Where AISA Graduates Go

Did you know that 100% of our graduating students get into universities worldwide? Our rigorous American curriculum prepares students for universities all over the world, not just Nigeria or America. We have experienced guidance counselors preparing students to make the best impression for universities. Our participation in the AP capstone program helps students get into top ranked universities. We regularly graduate students into some of the top universities worldwide.

For students interested in pursuing careers in technology or the arts, the American International School of Abuja has a robust elective system giving students the skills and projects they need to get into technology or fine arts schools.


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Graduation Page Quote

An AISA graduate models integrity and respects the local and global community, its people, and the environment