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Strategic Plan


Dear AISA Community,

Literacy have long been associated with Language Arts and an individual's capacity to read, write and comprehend written texts. As schools have evolved, literacies have emerged that articulate the modern day nature of learning institutes where understanding, compassion, care, empathy, personal growth, global citizenry, and cultural awareness, sit side-by-side in relevance and importance with traditional classroom subjects.

As we evolve as a community, our goal is to show mastery in a range of key literacies, that in turn help us to model the skill-sets that we cherish most, to the stakeholders that we hold dearest - our students. Through the lens of our core values, we have developed a strategic plan that supports our school community and gives us a clear path forward while incorporating and reinforcing the ideals from which we draw our strength.

As our journey as a school continues we remain true to our school mission and look forward to the inevitable fruits that this plan will bear in the years ahead.

Strategic Plan