Chess Competition

The After School Chess club participated in a Competition which held at the MPH, ICS and The French School were represented. The Competition was meant to improve their skills and spirit of sportsmanship. Thank you to all who attended.

Through Their Eyes Photo Exhibition

AISA was very privileged to host an exhibition of photographs which aim to show the impact of armed conflict and violence on Nigerian communities in Maiduguri, Borno State and Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The International Red Cross (ICRC) worked with young adults to document their lives using photographs. The resulting photographs showcase the uncertainty and trauma brought on by forced separation of young people from their families, what it is like to grow up in an urban environment plagued by poverty and violence—and the resilience of the people who live there. The photographs are beautiful and moving, and a testament to the talent and creativity of the participants. Grades 4 and 5 partic

Grade Three Reading Buddies

Throughout the year, AISA's third grade class made reading buddies with the students at Kado school. Yesterday was their last visit. The AISA community donated books, rugs, a playground, and other educational materials to the school. Thanks to Ms.Cat, Ms.Crystal, Ms.Jessica, Ms.Uwa, Mr.Jacob, and all the parents who were part of the Kado School Reading Buddy Program. "When you learn, teach. When you get, give" --Maya Angelou--

Middle School BasketBall Tournament

A local Middle school basketball tournament was held this past Saturday. Our Middle school team and four other schools competed. The Boys team finished first with Samuel Okafor from seventh grade winning the best player of the tournament. The girls team put up a good fight and played well together.

Elementary School Spring Concert.

Mic check! Lights On! Camera Rolling! Action! Last Thursday evening was thrilling as every grade in the elementary school and early childhood performed theme songs from movies. Some performances had a touch of choreography and acapella. The students also wore costumes from movies. It was fun night! Thanks to Ms. Kachi, Mr. Manuel, the Elementary Students, and everyone who made A Night at the Movies awesome.

International Food Fair

The International Food Fair was held last Saturday, there was lots of great food and drinks from all over the world. Our students also preformed several acts including a flag parade, dancing, and singing. It was a great family time for the the AISA Community. The PTA thanks everyone for making it a remarkable day.

Earth Day

In solidarity of making the Earth a safe and better place to live, the AISA community celebrated Earth Day. Thanks to the organizers, staff, and various companies who attended for helping to teach our students how to live a greener life.

AISA's Got Talent

Last Thursday, the student council hosted 2018 AISA's Got Talent for middle and high schoolers. It was a splendid evening of great talent display from Singing to Dancing, Gymnastics, and Sports. Congratulation to this years's winners, a dance team of Judith Anthony and Theodora Osuala. Thank-you to everyone on deck who made this year's talent show a success.

Dodgeball/Capture The Flag Tournament

"Blue Team ready? Red Team ready? - the whistle blows and the teams race off to grab the flag; but wait, watch out for incoming dodgeballs. Students, from the 3rd grade, all the way up to the 12th grade, enjoyed a rousing game of "Capture The Flag" but with a twist - you must do so, without getting "tagged" out by opposing players throwing dodgeballs at you. The conditions were ideal and everyone appeared to enjoy themselves tremendously. The games were pretty intense and it seemed like all the kids received a good workout while having fun, and most importantly, it was all done in the name of charity. The Kado school benefitted from this event tremendously and we hope to play again next s

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