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Campus Life


Student Well-being

AISA maintains a staff of counselors, language, and special needs specialists to ensure that students not only succeed in the classroom but are also well cared for in the school environment. We strive to make sure that each of our students is well cared for at AISA.

Holistic Education

In addition to the core subjects of Math, Language, Science, and Social Studies, we offer a variety of courses designed to help students express themselves creatively and interact with the world around them. Students can take music, drama, and art classes to nurture their creative talents. Design technology courses give students the opportunity to use technology not only to consume, but also to solve issues in the community around them, creating the innovators of the future. Health and fitness courses are also available, giving students the skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Smiling, happy facesThat’s what you see on the AISA campus. We strive to be both a world-class educational institution and a place where students enjoy learning.

Modern Facilities

The American International School of Abuja has the most advanced facilities of any school in Abuja. In August 2006, the American International School of Abuja relocated to a brand new facility located in the Durumi District in Abuja. In addition to classrooms, the facility includes two science labs, a renovated library media center, and a dedicated fine arts building. The recreational and athletic facilities include a multi-purpose hall, basketball court, swimming pool, outdoor soccer field, and track.

In addition to educational facilities, AISA maintains green space for the students to learn and play in. We have two fully functioning playgrounds on campus and open-air tables for the middle and high school students to use for socializing and classwork. Our students also maintain a garden with benches to watch the blooming flowers throughout the school year. 

Our Campus