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Student Support Services


Challenge, collaborate, and empower, the three guiding principles of AISA’s mission statement, are also key components of our Student Support Services Team (SSST). AISA as an institution recognizes and celebrates the diversity of all of our learners, and a part of this recognition requires us as educators to recognize that every individual learner is unique and brings with them their own learning style and needs. It is our goal to meet every young scholar where they are in order to get them to where they need to be as independent, self-motivated learners.

Learning Support

Our Learning Support (LS) team focuses on learners who require varied and robust methods of lesson delivery. We focus on incorporating multi-sensory approaches in our lessons, and our team works with content teachers to scaffold and extend the content for our various young scholars. We generally focus on Mathematical concepts, Literacy, and Executive Functioning strategies for our students so that they are able to excel in the classroom and beyond.

The English as an Additional Language

The English as an Additional Language (EAL) team targets students who are new to academic English, and particularly focuses on the four domains of language: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Through lesson collaboration with the content teachers, the EAL team ensures that we are using best practices that allow our learners new to the English language to be able to access our curriculum.


The counselors here at AISA support students with their academic, social, and emotional needs. They work frequently with students, parents, teachers, administration, and the community. The counselors help students with organizational skills, scheduling concerns, conflict resolution, emotional regulation, and so much more! Students, teachers, and parents are able to refer students to the counselors.

Student Support

AISA has a learning support system that assists student in coping with certain stressful situations that they may experience. The student support team provides students with an overall sense of well-being that includes developing their academic and social skills in the school environment.

Student Support at AISA


Dedicated guidance counselors 


Dedicated EAL teachers


Dedicated Learning Support Staff