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When you walk into the Drama room, you see students exploring their lived experience and the world around them through theatre. The Drama Department at AISA gives students the opportunity to become more effective and more creative communicators! In every Drama class, students create their own work, perform original and scripted works, respond to and reflect on dramatic productions, and connect theatre to their everyday life.

Middle School

Middle school students are introduced to the primary roles of theatre: the actor, the writer, and the director. Then students create original scenes and monologues, learning through trial and error what's possible in the genre of theatrical performance. They begin to hone the skill of memorization, useful not only in Drama class but also in their other content areas!

After exploring specific genres within theatre, including short films, commercials, and shadow puppetry, Students create original works, write and format scripts. Finally, students are able to dive deeper into theatrical design, performance analysis, group scenes, and theatre for social change.

High School

In High School, students start with a wide-ranging course that extends the material from Middle School, but also provides experiences at an introductory level for those new to theatre as an elective. Students read and perform works from a diverse classroom script library, before designing and adapting works of their own.

Advanced courses take a deeper look into on-and-off stage work. Students are given the opportunity to hone their singing and spoken skills in a workshop setting, and are able to develop offstage dramatic skills through yearly public productions.


The Drama Department is proud to offer an annual public production. Students Grades 6-12 are eligible to audition or serve as crew members, whether they're enrolled in a Drama class or not. The Drama Department also regularly seeks out opportunities for community outreach and connection with Abuja's budding theatrical and writing scene.