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Visual Arts


Elementary Art

Elementary art is a wonderful place filled with vibrant color and energy. Students are guided using the ‘studio habits of mind’ to break down the elements and principles of art and journey through cultures and history to connect more deeply with the impact of art in the beautiful world around them.

Middle School Art 

Middle school art begins with exploring the elements and principles of art, keeping things collaborative and fun. Observing the world around them, students explore colors, forms, and textures, both man-made and natural. Students use art to build community and connection, learning to reflect on human forms, the environment, and those that we value within it. 

As part of this, students plan a mini-exhibition and curate a personal collection of work to share with the community. 

High School Visual Art 

In High School, students explore various art media, portfolio development, and building on the sequence of sketchbook work. Students develop projects from the idea phase to the plan and then create individual and exciting outcomes. With this, students learn to apply simple techniques in more complex and personalized ways.

Our advanced class focuses on applying skill, conceptual development, critical analysis, and self-direction. Students develop their concepts through a given theme and use mediums they explore on their own to create portfolios. This advanced class prepares students for potential university/college courses that often require portfolio-based submissions.


Our art department sponsors several exhibitions a year, where student artwork is displayed both around campus, and out in Abuja. With this, students are able to share their work with the wider community.