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Our Alumni


Welcome to AISA’s Alumni Community, where connections formed in classrooms and on the school field evolve into lasting friendships and relationships. From community events to shared vacations, a sense of belonging thrives. At the heart of our bond is our continuous commitment to AISA’s mission and vision to be world class citizens with skills and a unique character that enable us to achieve our full potential and pursue our dreams. Our Mission calls us to Challenge, Collaborate, Empower: Inspiring Global Citizens to be Lifelong Learners. This guides our work with alumni, uniting them in shared experiences and amplifying their post-AISA journey. Together, we bridge the past and present, fostering growth and learning for graduates, parents, students, and staff alike.

Stay connected and share your journey with us by emailing We would love to hear about your current pursuits and the impact AISA has had on your life.

If you are interested in joining our vibrant AISA Alumni engagement, we welcome your participation by filling out this form.  Please follow our AISA Alumni Instagram page @aisabuja_alumni