AISA Counseling Services

Our Counselors collaborate with students, staff, parents and the community to maximize each students’ potential through the delivery of a developmentally and culturally appropriate program that is comprehensive and supports academic skills, social emotional well-being, and social responsibility.

Our Counselors support a rigorous academic program that leads to admissions to top universities around the world and ultimately prepares students to have the lifelong skills that lead to a successful and happy life.

Our Counselors

  • Provide guidance lessons 

  • Help students with scheduling concerns

  • Help students work out problems with school, with friends, and with personal matters

  • Work with students on organization skills to enhance their study and work habits

  • Facilitate parent education

  • Collaborate and consult with school-wide personnel

  • Facilitate support groups for students

  • Serve on the Student Support Services Team 

  • Serve as a liaison between students, teachers, parents, administration, and community

  • Serve on the Child Protection Committee

  • Serve as an advocate to all students

Individual/Small Group Guidance

The elementary and secondary counselors serve as advisers and advocates to the students using culturally appropriate approaches in order to guide the student in setting academic and social-emotional goals. The counseling students receive is short-term, solution-focused, but do not receive long-term therapeutic services.

Responsive Services

Responsive services are an integral component of the counseling program, including student, family, or school-wide needs for referral, consultation and support. The counselors are knowledgeable of local community resources and maintain partnerships with key members of the community.

Crisis Intervention

The school counselors play an integral role in the school’s crisis intervention. Crisis counseling is typically brief and solution focused. It provides intervention and follow up support to students, families, staff and community members facing emergency situations. When available, referrals are made to appropriate community resources.

Referral Procedure for Counseling Services

The counselors work with teachers on positive behavioral strategies that can be implemented in the classroom. A student can visit the counselors as part of a self, teacher, parent, or administrative referral. Referrals are also made through the Student Support Services Team meetings.