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Living in Abuja



AISA is located in Abuja which is the geographical center of Nigeria. This allows opportunities to enhance the educational experience for our students and provide numerous leisure and cultural experience for our teachers. Abuja as a global and commercial hub, is rich with people who are culturally diverse. Most countries have moved their embassies and consulates from Lagos to Abuja, and the largest American diplomatic presence in Africa is located here in Abuja. Abuja comprises beautiful landscapes, great weather, affordable restaurants, malls, bars and leisure centers. One can argue that Abuja is one of the best cities in West Africa and Africa as a whole.


Abuja is a city of many exceptional parts, supplying a variety of different lifestyles  for its residents.

From exquisite cuisines and fine dining, non-stop nightlife, and a 24-hours operating city, Abuja has an endless list of planned activities. Activities include and are not limited to the yearly Nigerian day celebration, Marine ball, monthly jazz festival (Jamrock) and the weekly Friday hangouts. Many local Commissions and Embassies host events and invite the local expats. Abuja offers you a ceaseless lifestyle of fun and economic stability. 

Abuja is known for its rich and diverse culture that portrays all of Nigeria's cultural heritage 

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