Giving Back

Blind School

The Blind School Club is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of visually impaired students at the FCT School for the Blind. The Club paid a visit to the school in September. We introduced ourselves, sat down with the kids to discuss what they needed, and witnessed their amazing choir. The Blind School Club has teamed up with the G.R.E.A.T club lead by Ms. Kate Davis and Ms. Gretchen Moran to create a website for the school which will spread awareness and brings much-needed attention to the school. In addition, The Club has been working with an ophthalmologist in an effort to establish a vision rehabilitation program, and possibly treat some of the children's eye conditions at the school. We look forward to holding fundraisers and organizing more activities with the students in the future!

- Lucas Eckrich (Blind School Club President)

Scholarship Program

AISA began a scholarship program in the 2005-2006 school year where two students qualified for and were placed on scholarship. These students began the program in the 6th grade and graduated high school in the 2011- 12 school year. They successfully enrolled in an American University.


AISA has initiated a scholarship program by which one Grade 9 will be offered every year. The scholarship is both needs-based and merit-based.

Orphanage Club

The Orphanage Club has been involved with the Hope for Change orphanage for over six years.  The Orphanage Club offers AISA students the opportunity to make a difference in the life of an orphan.  Students make regular visits to a local orphanage and gain experience in service to others.  Through volunteer interactions, the children receive positive attention, a role model, and most importantly, have fun.  The club also helps to address academic and other basic needs of the children. 

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