We had another great turnout for this year’s AISA Run/Walk! There were approximately 225 individuals at the event and around 160 active participants. The AISA Run/Walk is an annual event that AISA holds to raise money for the American Foundation for Children with AIDS (AFCA), our partnership school, LEA Primary School Kado, and the Gwoza & Bama Internally Displaced Persons camp (IDP) in Durumi, Abuja. This event is also a great social activity with the goal of helping others less fortunate while being physically active. Students found sponsors beforehand and then completed laps around the track to help raise money while also earning a raffle ticket for every five laps they completed. Donations will still be collected for the next three weeks. Today's total amount collected was 2,579,510 Naira! Great job to all of the students, parents, and staff members that made this event a success!

A special thanks to Jill Matheson, Dominic Elias, Owen Downs, Carolyn Jeziorski, Jamie Phillips, Troy Wiggins, and Kate Davis who served on the Run/Walk committee and volunteered their amazing ideas and time to make the event a success. More information of the final Naira totals and how our money raised will likely benefit these organizations will be communicated in approximately three weeks after all sponsor sheet and Naira have been collected. I am very proud of the AISA community and the enthusiasm, effort, and enjoyment from everyone that supported this amazing cause!