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Character Education Book of the Month

This month we are focusing on the character trait of RESPONSIBILITY. Please check out The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. Our Librarian, Ms. Anne is posting information about the author, TED talks, a read-aloud of the book, and a call for responses. Thanks you Ms. Anne

Informative Session For Support Staff On COVID-19 Precautions

Thank you to our clinic nurse, Ms. Emem Okon R.N., for leading an informative session for our support staff this morning on COVID-19 precautions as part of our Safety & Security Professional Development series. Ms. Emem discussed epidemiological concerns, preventative measures, and best practices for containing the virus. We look forward to hosting future training and professional development opportunities for our security, custodial, maintenance, cafeteria and gardening staff in the months ahead. Thank you to our support staff for their participation, as well as keeping us safe during this challenging time.

November Character of the Month - KINDNESS!

November has arrived, meaning a new book of the month! For the month of November, we will be focusing on Kindness by reading, Under the Lemon Moon, by Edith Hope Fine. Earlier this week, a video recording was posted in your child's Seesaw classroom. Your children will be thinking about the ways they saw kindness in the book and how they can show kindness at school and at home. Feel free to check out our ES Behavior Matrix here to see some of the expected behaviors we have implemented at AISA around Kindness. If you missed the video, you can watch it here. Enjoy!

AISA Support Statement

Dear AISA Community, Racism, injustice and violence need to stop. As an international school in Africa that is committed to educating our future leaders, and to the wellbeing of the entire community, AISA stands in solidarity with all those affected in communities around the world, and with those collective voices that are taking a stand against racism and oppression. At this time, we come together as a school community to recognize the anger, shock, frustration, and indignation, rightly provoked by the senseless killings of innocent citizens in the United States, and throughout the world, due to systemic racism and injustice. At the core of AISA’s Mission and Vision, are our Core Values. These values are the pillar of what AISA is and what we stand for today and in the future: All people have equal and inherent worth and dignity Collaboration and consensus-building contribute to an effective community Embracing diversity Continuous growth and perseverance are fundamental in pursuing one’s goals Intentionally building trust facilitates dependable relationships These values are intended to bring out the best of our community and to support all those within, and outside it. As a school, our purpose is to inspire, enlighten, motivate, and educate. It is our duty to galvanize our students and our community positively, to help be the change this world needs. A world that is inclusive, equitable and without discrimination. In order for this to happen, we must acknowledge privilege, systematic racism, and oppression, and then initiate uncomfortable but necessary conversations to help us, as a school, be instrumental in both sincere and positive change. As a school and a community, we pledge to be part of this change. Sincerely, Randy Neen AISA Head of School

Online Learning Announcement - Extension of Online Learning to June 11, 2020

Dear AISA Community, I hope all is well and that you had a nice long weekend. With yesterday's declaration from the Nigerian President stating the country will continue the COVID-19 lockdown for an additional two weeks, AISA will not re-open campus for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year for both health and logistical reasons. Therefore, this is to inform you that online distance learning will be extended from the original April 30th deadline, to the end of the school year on June 11, 2020 for all students. The final week of school will be used for finalizing grading, submitting report cards, giving awards, and more. We want to thank you for your continued patience, flexibility and the time you've dedicated towards your child's learning.  I have no doubt we can finish the year strong and make sure our distance learning program is giving all our students what they need to succeed.

The division Principals, Ms Cox and Mr. Needham will send followup information to all students and parents regarding this online distant learning extension. 

Kind regards,


Closed Campus. Open School.

Dear AISA Families, This morning, our Board of Governors, a Board of Trustees representative, and the Administrative team met to evaluate our protocols for safety and security, as well as to review our online learning plan. We remain confident and steadfast in our ability to provide an excellent education for our students but recognize that excellent education also requires a healthy community. Based on the evolving situation both among international schools and in our own community, the school has decided to officially close campus as of Wednesday morning, March 18, 2019, and shift to online learning. The leadership team recognizes that this will be a challenge for the entire community, however, it is the best option to ensure our whole community’s safety. AISA Raised to Level 4 We are moving to Level 4 on our AISA Viral Outbreaks Rubric. Although Nigeria currently has only three confirmed cases, we evaluated other risk factors. The risk factors that moved us to Level 4 are the unprecedented number of countries closing their borders, airlines decreasing frequency and restricting travel routes, as well as the actions of other international schools in the region. Additionally, we are aware that many parents or family members are currently traveling back to Abuja from high-risk countries. As a result, the school’s self-quarantining guidelines have been compromised, requiring us to make a decision in the best interest of our community. Closed Campus. Open School. At this time, it has been decided to close the campus and shift to online learning. In order to best protect quality, student-centered instruction, we will be running an online learning trial beginning Thursday. Campus will be closed to all students and families beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18. Timeline Today: Tuesday, March 17
Student devices and materials will be sent home. Tomorrow: Wednesday, March 18
No school for students. Teachers prepare online lessons to begin Thursday. Online Learning: Thursday, March 18 and Friday, March 19
Shift to online learning. Parents submit feedback for audit of online learning protocols. Spring Break: March 23-27 Spring Break will proceed as scheduled. Online Learning Continues: March 30-April 13
Online learning continues. Campus Reopens: April 14
This date will be revisited weekly by the AISA Board and Administrative Team. Transition Day Tomorrow. Online Learning Begins Thursday. Our faculty will utilize tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18, to prepare online lessons that are authentic, value-added and aligned to our current units of study. There will be no school for students Wednesday, March 18. Lessons will be posted, as per our online learning protocols, by 7pm Wednesday evening for Thursday’s classes. We are grateful for the hard work of our colleagues, particularly the staff members who serve on the front lines of keeping our students healthy and safe. Our counselors, teachers and teaching assistants are providing critical support for students who may feel some discomfort in this change in routine and procedures. In the coming weeks, our Board of Governors and Administrative Team will continue to evaluate how the pandemic affects our community. We will be providing regular updates on our website and via AISA Communications emails. We appreciate the community’s patience, flexibility and support during this time. Sincerely, Randy Neen
Head of School

AISA Travel Update - COVID-19 : March 16

Dear AISA Community, Due to the increased risk of infection while traveling overseas, the CDC has recently placed all countries at level 2 or greater. In compliance with our AISA Disease Outbreak Rubric, we are now asking any member of the community who has recently traveled internationally, as well as those who have come into contact with someone who recently traveled, to self-quarantine for 14 days. This self-quarantine is to help avoid the spreading of COVID-19 to the AISA Community and we will support your child’s learning during this time. Effective immediately, we are asking students and parents about their recent travel before they enter the school gate. This may cause a slight delay in reaching school, so please factor this into your morning travel routine. At this time, we are still requesting that all families complete a travel plans form. If you have already completed this form and your travel plans have changed, please submit an updated form now. AISA is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment and we appreciate your cooperation while we implement these precautionary measures. If you would like to learn more about our policies and procedures, please visit the COVID-19 page on our website. Thank you for your support and understanding. Sincerely, The AISA Admin Team

COVID-19 Update - International Travel

Dear AISA Community, As we are an international community, many of our students have friends or family that have recently traveled. This is a reminder that if a friend or family member has come into contact with someone who recently traveled to a Center for Disease Control Level 2 or 3 country, you will want to self-quarantine your child for 14 days. This self-quarantine is to help avoid the spreading of COVID-19 to the AISA Community and we will support your child’s learning during this time. The current level 2 and 3 countries are: China Iran South Korea Italy Japan Most of Europe As part of our community monitoring process, we are asking all families to fill out this form detailing their March travel plans. Information gathered from this survey will help determine the level of exposure to our community. Please complete this form as soon as possible. At this time, we anticipate returning to campus and resuming classes on Monday, March 30th. If the need for a campus closure arises, you will immediately be notified via an AISA communication email. We appreciate your cooperation in these matters. Best Regards, AISA Admin Team

Grades 6 and 7 Writing Celebrations

Last Monday and Tuesday our budding grade 6 and 7 authors showcased their awesome creativity in the school lobby. This was an opportunity for the students to publish their work to an audience and gather reactions and feedback. Thank you to our MS English team, Ms. Wojkovich and Mr. Wiggins for guiding the students through the creative writing process.

MS Lock-in Social

The MS STUCO organised yet another successful social event last Friday night; the MS Lock-in. Students had a great night of sports, karaoke, movies, games and of course, the fun of sleeping in the library all night. Well, some got some sleep. Thanks to Mrs. Owan, Ms. Karen, Ms. Nooker, Ms. Wojkovich, and Mr. Daniel for being chaperones.

HS Robotics team returns from South Africa

The HS Robotics team returned from Johannesburg, South Africa on Monday after several days of gruelling design and problem-solving, competing against more than 18 teams from all over the world! This year, they brought two robots--effectively two teams--to the competition. Both teams had a real chance for the trophy, but ended in 9th and 10th with good and bad events based on their programming, design, and a little luck. This was the staunchest competition they’ve seen yet! Congratulations to the whole team for an outstanding effort. It is amazing that our students have these opportunities to be involved in such a wide array of activities and events. Thank you to Bret Campbell and John Christensen for guiding the team over the year and to Amy Dougherty for chaperoning.

Second Grade Persuasive Writing

Grade 2 classes wrapped up their persuasive writing unit with a celebration in the library. Guests of the second graders were treated to persuasive letters that the children had written to each other and anonymous readers, trying to convince them to read their favorite books. Students in 2 Blue and 2 Red enjoyed sharing their letters and reading favorites with Kindergarten and Grade 1 pals. Great literary fun was had by all!