AP Psychology: Egg Baby Project

Recently, AP Psychology students gained first-hand experience on what it is like to tackle parenthood. In a unit on Human Development, they were each given an egg that they were required to take care of as it ‘progressed’ from an infant to a young adult over the course of one week. The assignment required them to apply the developmental theories of various psychologists to their egg at different points of its ‘development’ over the course of the week and create a baby book that detailed the egg baby’s growth. They also were given conflict scenarios that required them to figure out how they, as parents, would handle them if it were, in fact, their real child. At the beginning of the experience, many students expressed their disinterest towards the task, but over time, several of them grew very attached to their eggs and really learned that parenting is a full time job that requires a lot of stress and patience. Several students got very creative with their eggs and really lived up to the ‘egg’sperience, as seen in the photos!

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